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Offers in Compromise

Taxation Solutions, Inc. - Satisified ClientsWhen your tax problems reach a certain level of severity, you might find yourself owing more to the government than you’ll ever be able to repay. In these serious cases, you might be eligible for an IRS offer in compromise. With this tax settlement, the IRS allows you to settle your outstanding debt for less than the total balance. In a nutshell, the government would rather collect some of what you owe than nothing at all. However, you’ll need a skilled tax specialist on your side in order to secure an offer and compromise. In the greater Seattle area, Taxation Solutions, Inc. is the company to call! We’re standing by to meet your offer of compromise needs.

Experienced Offer in Compromise Help

One of the things that sets Taxation Solutions, Inc. apart from our competitors is the fact that we have more than four decades of combined experience among our staff. In those years on the job, we’ve negotiated our fair share of offers in compromise. We’ll know how to put together an IRS offer in compromise claim on your behalf that is likely to get results. Plus, if an offer and compromise is not your best course of action after all, we’ll be able to recommend an alternative tax settlement that’s better suited to your needs. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Taxation Solutions, Inc. is licensed and insured. We’re affiliated with the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. We put our clients’ satisfaction and IRS compliance first, striving for quality workmanship and customer service on every job. Ready to secure your offer in compromise with the IRS? Call or e-mail us today. 

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